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How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Plum Published October 15,2014

It sounds like fortune cookie wisdom. Like something Yoda would say: Know yourself, yes, that is the way of the Force.

Thing is, the whole self improvement industry which has become massive during the last few decades, is founded on age old wisdom, which actually works. There's no secret to it either. No trick. You don't need to go to an Ashram in India to meditate for a few months. It won't hurt, either, but that's not what its all about.

Self discovery isn't about chanting, yoga, Mindfulness or Meditation, reading ancient Sanskrit texts or Sufi poets - again, not that any of that stuff is to be discouraged, either. But that's to say there's a lot of misconception around the idea of self-discovery, which might be why the executive in Marc Deboer's blog was so against the idea: "No, I don't believe in that!"

And yet if said executive had spent a bit of time reflecting on who he is, what his values are, how to live a life which reflects his best-self, then maybe he would of got the job he was being interviewed for.

Young Woman Taking A Break From Work

How many opportunities do we throw away because we are blind to our own strengths and weaknesses? How many times have we got involved in businesses, friendship groups, relationships, when really, they weren't right for us?

That's what self discovery is really all about.

Finding what's right for us, learning what we need to do - where to live, what to do for a career, who to let into our lives and hearts - to be happy. It's both that simple and that difficult.

Some people never know. Some never dive that deep inside themselves. For those who do, self discovery is a voyage with no set destination. One of the best pieces of advice I have had from my Grandfather, a man in his 70's with a spark for life most in their 50's don't seem to have, is that learning is something which never ends. Even when schools over, keep learning. Self discovery is also a continuous learning process; we humans are never the same from one moment to the next, so we are always learning about ourselves.

A_startupSome of the worlds most successful people will have, at some point, spent some time asking the profound questions - not of the Universe, but of themselves. They're self aware. They know their strengths and weaknesses.

They are intimately familiar with their mental and emotional landscape. That's the power self discovery can unlock. That's why we should all spend some time getting to know ourselves a lot better. When you next get an interview it will put you at a distinct advantage to those 'good on paper' candidates, especially if your resume is already pretty kick ass to begin with.


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