Your company is growing. That's awesome! But now you have a whole lot of positions to fill and a sea of applications to sort through. You have no choice but to only spend a couple seconds scanning a resume for keywords. Maybe you even have some keyword matching AI to make the job go a little faster. Still, you know that these quick scans aren't predictive, and they aren't going to identify talent that will succeed. You need a uniform pipeline that's scalable, repeatable, and predictive.

Plum's Solution 
AI like chatbots and keyword matching may help optimize your hiring process for efficiency, but are they helping you make scalable predictive hiring decisions? Plum combines decades of advanced Industrial/Organizational psychology research with AI, quantifying the on-job potential of all your candidates. Now you can shortlist your applicant pool with the certainty that the candidates you're advancing will be worth your time, resources, and energy.

Plum's Solution
Reduce resume fatigue

Reduce resume fatigue

With Plum, spend 80% less time reading resumes so you can dedicate your time to the best people. 56% of hiring managers have caught job candidates straight-up lying on their resumes, anyways. So why are you treating them as the be-all-end-all?

AI supercharged

AI, supercharged

What's better than a scalable and efficient hiring process? A scalable and efficient hiring process that also predicts the best fit in your applicant pool, of course! We supercharge our AI by training it with the most predictive indicators of employee success - backed up by decades of research.

Consider all stakeholder's opinions

No more long hiring team meetings

Tired of endless meetings with your hiring team, trying to get aligned on job descriptions and job requirements? Copy-pasting your competitors' job descriptions doesn't have to be the solution. Plum can aggregate that for you in 6 minutes, all while getting your stakeholders on the same page, effortlessly.

Alignment is inclusion

Develop a repeatable hiring process

Without a repeatable hiring process, it's going to take you a lot longer to scale and improve your hiring. Just because every applicant is unique, doesn't mean the hiring process for every job needs to be. Develop a repeatable hiring process with Plum. And if a candidate isn't a fit for one role, apply a new Match Criteria and see if they would be a fit in another open role in your organization, in seconds.


Make the right hire, every time.

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