The stakes to find awesome talent that align with your organizational goals have never been higher. Not only are you constantly competing to attract top talent (and retain them, too), but sometimes you think you’ve found a rock star with a stellar resume...and they end up leaving in 3 months. Turnover can cost up to 5X a bad hire’s salary – not to mention costs like decreased productivity, deteriorated employee morale, and lost time.  

Plum's Solution 
Predictively matching people to jobs where they thrive is the key to retaining top talent. 4X more predictive of job performance than a resume, Plum gets the right people in the right roles to improve quality of hire and performance. By measuring evidence-based predictors of on-the-job success, like cognitive ability and personality, Plum provides you with the data you need to find top performing candidates that you may not have considered based on a resume alone. In other words, know if a candidate will succeed in a role – before you even hire them.  

Plum's Solution
Level Up Your Productivity

Level up your productivity

Find the top 5% of your workforce that will contribute to 26% of your company’s total output by measuring candidates’ talents like adaptability, communication, and teamwork.  

Nurture self-discovery journeys

Nurture Self-Discovery Journeys

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money finding the right hire. Now it’s time to engage them in their role – and Plum has you covered with our personalized Talent Guides. Plum’s Talent Guides drive self-discovery that will enable your people to reach their full potential at work. 


Say, "Come In and Stay a While"

Plum matches people to roles where they get to leverage what makes them extraordinary. The result? People love their jobs – and employee turnover reduces by 33%.  

Quantify Everyone's Potential

Quantify Everyone's Potential

With Plum, you don’t have to be stingy with who you assess. Plum’s enterprise-grade scalability gives you the ability to unlock the potential of every single person – ensuring non-traditional candidates who are diamonds in the rough don’t fall through the cracks.  


Make the right hire, every time.

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