The stakes to find awesome talent have never been higher. Not only are you constantly competing to attract top talent (and retain them, too), sometimes you think you've found a rock star with a stellar resume...and then they turn out to be a dud. Turnover can cost up to 5X a bad hire's salary - not to mention the human costs, like decreased productivity, decreased employee morale, and lost time.

Plum's Solution 
The truth is, up to 80% of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. Retaining talent is key, but you don't need to settle with keeping okay talent. 4X more predictive than a resume, Plum measures evidence-based predictors of on-the-job success, like cognitive ability and personality, providing you the data you need to find diamonds in the rough that you may not have considered based on a resume alone. In other words, know if a candidate will succeed in a role - before you even hire them.

Plum's Solution
Level up your productivity

Level up your productivity

Find the top 5% of your workforce that will contribute to 26% of your company's total output by measuring candidates' work ethic, ability to innovate, contribution to culture, and more.


Grow talent in-house

You've spent a lot of time, energy, and money finding the right hire. Now it's time to engage them in their role - and Plum has you covered with our personalized Professional Development Guides.

89% of those failed hires are due to lack of talents

Make the right hire, every time

According to the industry standard, 1 in every 5 hires is "bad" or "regrettable" - that’s because 89% of failed hires are due to lack of talent fit, not lack of skills. Our customers tell us that 93% of their Plum-recommended candidates are successful in their roles - making our customers 3X less likely to make a hiring mistake.

Quantify your top performers

Quantify your top performers

Want more people like Tim from sales, who spends his weekends golfing with prospects, and his evenings whiteboarding innovative sales strategies? Get deep insight into the talent DNA of your current star players so that you can write job descriptions that attract rockstar talent.

Ready to Dig Deeper?


In this webinar, pre-employment assessment extraordinaires Leann Schneider, PhD., and Nigel Vanderlinden team up to show you how to spot valid, scientifically-backed assessments. Listen on to learn how to...

  • Bring predictability to your hiring plans, just as your sales and marketing departments prioritize predictive outcomes as a business need
  • Spot which AI capabilities will transform your talent practices to be more predictive
  • Effortlessly reduce employee turnover, shortlist from a high volume of job applicants, and diversify your talent pipeline with people data and metrics


Make the right hire, every time.

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