What is Ultraviolet?

Powered by AI and Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Ultraviolet is Plum’s proprietary talent recommendation engine. Ultraviolet provides a universal talent database allowing organizations to take a more fluid approach to their talent management. By matching human talent to the right jobs, Ultraviolet brings structured data to organizations’ toughest talent acquisition and talent management challenges. Nothing like this has existed before; Ultraviolet makes the expertise of an I/O Psychology consultant scalable across teams, organizations, and use cases including hiring, high-potential selection, career pathing, strategic workforce planning, and more.


Ultraviolet: The Inputs

The Inputs

The Individual
Job applicants or current employees take the Plum Discovery Survey, which measures their personality, social intelligence, and problem solving ability.

The Hiring Team
Hiring managers, recruiters, and other job experts complete the Match Criteria Survey, which defines the competency model i.e., the behavioral needs of a role  in 8 minutes.

Ultraviolet: The Engine

The Engine

The Power Source
The science of I/O Psychology meets the speed and scale of AI in one system. Ultraviolet's algorithms use deep talent data to intelligently match the potential fit of every individual with the needs of every role. 

The Database
Ultraviolet is not only an engine, but a database that stores every talent profile. So no matter the use case — hiring, promoting, succession planning — Ultraviolet can search your entire talent database to get the right people in the right seats.

Ultraviolet: The Outputs

The Outputs

For the Job
The result is a Match Score — an indicator of an individual's likelihood to succeed in a role. The Ultraviolet engine can dynamically calculate Match Scores for any job, allowing you to move your talent to roles where they'll thrive. The engine can even make recommendations by analyzing your entire talent data pool — no more one and done processes.

For the Individual
Just because someone wasn't a great fit in one role doesn't mean they won't be a fantastic fit in another. Ultraviolet can automatically generate Match Scores for an applicant or employee for any other role in your organization.

What's so Special About a Talent Recommendation Engine Anyway?


Powered by Expert Augmented AI

Plum is an Expert Automation & Augmentation Software. That means we have automated the expertise of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. It’s like having an expert at your side, but the power is in your hands to make predictive selection, promotion, and development decisions.

Align Your Teams with Universal Data

Align Your Teams with Universal Data

Struggling to get your teams on the same page when it comes to role requirements? Plum measures talents like adaptability, innovation, and communication, providing the universal talent dataset your team needs to make aligned talent acquisition and talent management decisions.

Place People Predictively

Place People Predictively

Strategically deploy talent where they thrive at every stage of the employee lifecycle, whether it’s hiring, emerging leader selection, career pathing, professional development, or strategic workforce planning.


Prepare for the Future of Work

Prepare for the Future of Work

Ensure you have the right people in the right seats for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Hire and retain the adaptable, innovative talent that will meet business needs in the future of work.

Good AI vs Bad AI

By automating the expertise of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, we have developed a neural network to determine people’s talents. A neural network is a statistical model that specifies how the results of the Plum Discovery Survey are combined and weighted to result in a Match Score. Here’s how our talent neural network differentiates our AI.

Good AI vs. Bad AI

A Talent Recommendation
For every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Hiring new talent? Mapping out a learning and development roadmap for your employees? Attempting to identify emerging leaders to drive your company forward? Migrating your talent from dying jobs to net new roles? Discover how Ultraviolet can get the right people in the right seats in any talent use case, whether it’s in talent acquisition or talent management.

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