Nucleus Research Roi Case Study

Scotiabank sees 182% ROI in just 7 Months with Plum

by Nucleus Research

Scotiabank Case Study

Before Plum, Scotiabank heavily relied on resumes as its primary assessment tool for on-campus recruiting, which proved to be ineffective in determining the future performance of new hires. Since the start of their Plum pilot, Scotiabank eliminated the usage of resumes in its campus hiring process and increased retention of these hires by 20%, resulting in incredible cost savings.

"Scotiabank's deployment of Plum for its campus hiring efforts underscores the quantifiable⁠—and scalable⁠⁠—return on investment that organizations can achieve by implementing the vendor's Talent Assessment Platform and ditching antiquated means of assessment to expand applicant reach and improve DE&I strategy," said Evelyn McMullen, Research Manager, Nucleus Research. To learn more, fill out the form for the full report.

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