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Hire, grow, and retain top talent with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
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4X more accurate than a resume

at predicting on-the-job success
Ditch the guessing game

Ditch the Guessing Game

Know if a candidate will succeed in a role (before you even hire them) by measuring their work ethic, ability to innovate, contribution to culture, and more.

Diversify your talent pipeline

Diversify Your Talent Pipeline

Diverse teams perform better, period. Get more diverse and awesome talent in the door by mitigating bias at the top of your hiring funnel.

Align your hiring team, effortlessly

Align Your Hiring Team, Effortlessly

Say goodbye to long hiring team meetings. In just 6 minutes, Plum aligns your team on role requirements and job descriptions.

Human potential data made simple

Human Potential Data Made Simple

Plum provides you with the easy-to-read data you need to hire, grow, and retain top talent - so that you have the team you need to drive your company forward.

The Sky's the Limit

Hire amazing talent

in 3 easy steps
Complete the Match Criteria Survey with your hiring team

Complete the Match Criteria Survey with your hiring team

Get your hiring team on the same page effortlessly by defining the behavioral needs of the role in a 6-minute survey.


Have your applicants take the Plum Discovery Survey before you look at a resume

Measure applicants' personality and cognitive ability with deep psychological data. Provide an awesome candidate experience with a shareable talent profile.

Watch your applicants pour into your easy-to-use applicant dashboard

Watch your applicants pour into your easy-to-use dashboard

Get deep insight on every candidate's level of fit in the role with Plum Match Scores, all in one place.

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Simple & Scalable

people science

Plum's AI is supercharged with decades of advanced Industrial/Organizational Psychology research, getting you the rich and valid people data you need to make great hiring decisions, at scale.

How it works What is I/O Psychology?
The Plum dashboard
Predict On-the-Job Success

measure 10 talents

of every candidate

True Team Player

These are people who have a tendency to work effectively with people and cooperate with others.
Diverging arrows
Diverging arrows

Powerful Persuader

Powerful Persuaders have a special ability to convince others of a direction, activity, or idea, and influence decision-making.

Outcome Owner

These are people who have an incredible ability to set goals, monitor progress, and take the initiative to improve their work.


Peacemakers have a remarkable ability to bring others together to resolve conflict and reconcile differences.


People who are Innovators have a knack for generating novel solutions and creative ideas to solve problems.
Flag on a mountain
Flag on a mountain

Fearless Leader

Fearless Leaders take charge of a group and are uniquely positioned to motivate group members toward common goals.

Diversity Champion

Diversity Champions understand others’ perspectives and deal effectively with different people, regardless of experience or background.

Decision Maker

People who are Decision Makers can make high-quality decisions, even when presented with limited information.
Chat symbol
Chat symbol

Chief Communicator

These are people who have a unique ability to convey ideas effectively and identify messages that others are attempting to convey.

Adaptive Ace

People with high adaptation ability can adjust to changes in the workplace while maintaining a positive demeanor.
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In addition to using Plum to hire great candidates, RSA partners with Plum to ensure alignment between culture and business objectives. RSA was able to determine areas of prioritization and alignment within their culture, which they need to tackle transformation in the insurance industry.

"The construction industry faces a shortage of qualified field staff; however, we took on the challenge to find fresh new talent by finding the right personality fit for the roles using Plum and developed new training programs. We've seen new-hire turnover cut by 43%, and time reviewing resumes cut by 37%."

Michelle Griffin

Director of Human Resources - Homes by WestBay
Deloitte receives thousands of co-op applications each work term. Deloitte partners with Plum to help identify top talent for their co-op positions, enabling them to expand their applicant pool while reducing time spent reviewing applications.

"Plum is a great tool to help you find the diamonds in the rough that maybe you wouldn't have considered based on their resume alone."

Katie Weldon

HR & Talent Advisor - Communitech
Plum enables the University of Waterloo — which boasts the world's largest integrated model of school and work in their co-operative education program — to better connect its 21,000+ students with the 6,900 employers that recruit from the university each year.

With Plum, WE was able to align all talent stakeholders, while also reducing the number of conducted interviews by 88%.


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