Find the Perfect Hire in 3 Simple Steps


Plum leverages the deep insight of I/O Psychology coupled with the scalability of AI
data to quantify human potential at every stage of the employee journey, and we do
it in three simple steps.

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Predict potential. Drive success.

Predict Potential. Drive Success.

Is there a lot of guesswork and “gut instinct” involved in your talent acquisition process? With Plum, go beyond past performance to predict a person’s potential in a role. The result? Increased productivity, decreased turnover, and a better employee experience.

Predict Performance
Diversity by design

Diversity by Design

You know that diversity is important – but are you struggling to get diverse talent in the door? Diversify your candidate pool by quantifying potential, not bias. Don’t leave diversity & inclusion to chance; design your talent acquisition process for D&I with Plum.

Foster Diversity
Personalize candidate experience

Personalize Candidate Experience

The rules of what makes a fantastic candidate experience are changing, and a mediocre experience could be costing you big time. Facilitate an engaging and positive experience by providing every applicant with a personalized Plum Profile on what makes them exceptional. 

Go Beyond Expectations
Supercharge your campus recruitment

Supercharge Your Campus Recruitment

Identifying top performing student and new grad talent is challenging when they don’t have a lot of on-the-job experience and all their resumes essentially look the same. Win the race for young talent by quantifying the potential of your campus applicants.  

Quantify student potential