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Say goodbye to bias and find the best match for every role using proven science.

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With a single psychometric assessment, Plum is changing the way that companies hire for the better.

Campus Recruiting with Plum

Plum's revolutionary platform powers objective talent decisions across the employee lifecycle, supporting your campus recruiting strategies--helping you attract, hire, grow and retain talent.

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Campus Recruiting


Set people up to thrive

By looking beyond people's resumes to understand their innate talents, Plum allows you to place people in roles where they are most likely to thrive - which is good news for your organization, because when people are thriving, businesses thrive too.

Plum Match Rings multiple Match Scores

No applicant left behind

By quantifying job fit, Plum surfaces the best match for every role and ensures that no qualified applicant is overlooked. Instead of relying on subjective 3 second scan of a resume, you can rely on Plum's objective data to build your shortlist - quickly and easily.

The benefits of hiring with Plum


Plum data is 4X more predictive of future job success than what you'll find on a resume


Of employees said their Plum results were accurate or extremely accurate


Of job applicants rate their experience completing the Plum Profile as positive or very positive


Diversity realized

To build a truly diverse workforce, you need to look beyond traditional credentials and see people for what they are capable of achieving, not just what they’ve done in the past. Access to education, internships, and job opportunities is riddled with systemic bias. You can finally increase diversity in your talent pools in a meaningful and measurable way by using Plum’s objective data to surface the best people for any role, regardless of age, race, gender or background.


Create value for every applicant

Positive candidate experiences make applicants 38% more likely to accept a job offer. With Plum, every applicant receives a detailed Plum Profile that outlines their top talents, work style, work preferences and questions to ask in their next interview. Whether your company hires them or not, they’ll walk away with personalized career advice to help them land their next great opportunity.

FY22_G2 Summer Award Badges@2x

The G2 Summer Awards recognize Plum's excellence in Diversity Recruiting, Pre-Employment Testing, and Succession Planning

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