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A message from our CEO:

At my first “real” job I was hired to build a company from scratch, even though I knew nothing about building a business. My boss saw my potential when no one else did, and the opportunity he gave me to prove myself is the reason I am where I am today. This is where I discovered my superpower and where the seeds for Plum were planted.

At my next company, I was tasked with making a crucial hiring decision. Desperate to avoid making an expensive mistake, I turned to psychometric assessments. They let me see the full human, not just what they could fit on a resume, and time and time again it blew my mind. I knew that this data could change the way we work, if only it weren’t locked away in an ivory tower. And so, the idea for Plum was born.

Today, I’m the CEO of a tech company because I discovered that there is real science to understanding the human behind the work. I created Plum to democratize access to psychometric data so that no one would have to rely on luck for someone to realize their superpower. Everyone deserves the same opportunity to do great things, and that’s exactly what Plum gives them. I hope that Plum inspires you and your people to harness your own potential and build a career that allows you to thrive.

Caitlin MacGregor
CEO of Plum

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With a universal design, Plum uses objective data to measure and match human potential to job needs, enhancing talent decisions across the employee journey.


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Featuring unmatched scalability, Plum empowers organizations to quantify job fit, improve quality of hire, identify potential, provide personalized career insights and create high-performing teams from one platform. 

HR Tech Award. Best Talent Intelligence Solution.

HR Tech Award

2023, Best Talent Intelligence Solution

HR Tech Award. Best Innovative or Emerging Solution.

HR Tech Award

2022, Best Innovative or Emerging Solution

Human Resources Executive Award. Top Product of the Year.

HR Executive Award

2022, Top Product of the Year

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Caitlin MacGregor - CEO and Co-Founder

Caitlin MacGregor

CEO and Co-Founder


Neil MacGregor - CPO and Co-Founder

Neil MacGregor

CPO and Co-Founder


Scott Allen - CTO

Scott Allen


Decision Making

Jason Putnam - CRO

Jason Putnam


Embracing Diversity

Brittany Maksymyk - CFO

Brittany Maksymyk


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Matt James - Head of Design

Matt James

Head of Design


Jordan Lea - Director of Customer Service

Jordan Lea

Director of Customer Service

Managing Others

Sonya Beach - Director of Professional Services

Sonya Beach

Director of Professional Services