unlocking internal mobility and the skills-based org

See What Happens When People Strategy Meets Business Strategy

by Worktech

47% of CEOs report that talent-related concerns are their most critical business problems. The challenge of finding new talent has left a gap in the workforce and according to Korn Ferry by 2030 up to 85 million jobs may go unfilled. Fortunately, organizations already have the key to success: their existing talent.

In our latest report by WorkTech, George LaRocque addresses the rise in “skills-based organizations” and how this new hiring ethos puts your people at the center of your talent strategy. In “Unlocking Internal Mobility and the Skills-Based Org,” George highlights the trends and systems that define this paradigm shift and how its changing how HR teams think about people operations. In this report, you will discover:

  • How to understand the broken talent supply chain
  • The numerous benefits of a skills-based hiring approach
  • Strategies ­­to attract talent tailored to your open roles
  • Essential tools for seamless implementation

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