7 Reasons Why Employer Branding is Important

By Kelly Barcelos

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For as long as business competition has existed, a company’s reputation has played a vital role in attracting customers and increasing revenue. But what hasn’t been evident is the crucial role your employer brand plays in attracting top choice candidates.

Here are 7 compelling reasons to make employer branding a part of your recruitment process.

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1. Attract Great Employees and Retain Existing Ones 

A solid employer brand will make your existing employees proud that they are a part of your organization. Being a part of an organization with a great work culture is important for today’s job seeker, and companies need to be mindful of how they are showcasing that culture. Most job seekers will look at your company’s social profiles before applying, so use your company’s social profiles to project an employee-centric culture and get the most out of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

2. Reduce Recruitment Costs 

If you have a solid employer brand, you candidates will come flocking to you, which means you can spend less on recruitment marketing costs. Why pay for a posting on a job board when people are already flocking to your careers site?  Working for a well-known, reputed company is important to a lot of people, and if you position your company as such, you'll attract more candidates for open roles. 

3. Turn Your Internal Arsenal into Brand Advocates 

More than 50% of job seekers rely on employee reviews. So, when your star performers share their own positive work experiences with their social circles on social networking sites, it will work to support your company’s recruitment strategies.

Turn your employees into brand advocates by asking them to share their experiences – everything from their onboarding experience to company news to activities and awards. When they pin, post, tweet, and publish their personal and organizational accomplishments, your brand power will automatically attract and influence potential candidates. 

4. Enhance Employee Engagement 

When your organization commits to an employee-centric company brand, intentionally engaging employees becomes an intrinsic component of your company culture. And the outcome of intentional employee engagement is increased productivity and profits. The resulting low turnover provides a firm foundation on which your company can attract more potential candidate for new roles (rather than being stuck in a loop of continuously back-filling vacant roles).

5. Convey Your Brand Value 

The market belongs to top industry talent and so they have ample options. Skilled professionals will always pick employers with a solid brand reputation and shared values. Ensure that you are clearly conveying your brand value so that you can attract the best of the best to work at your organization. Modern job seekers don't only care about your business offerings, but also about intangibles like your vision, mission, values and work environment.

6. Demonstrate Your Unique Culture and Diversity 

Many candidates want to work for a company with a vibrant culture and a diverse workforce. They want work to be fun and rewarding at the same time. So, recruiters need to be very tactful when promoting their employer brand, work environment, company culture, and perks. Look for ways to showcase what makes your culture unique and to highlight the diversity in your workforce. All of these can make or break the deal for you.

7. Appeal to Tech-Savvy Candidates

An employer that demonstrates digital aptitude will attract tech-savvy candidates. Technology is the way of future for companies that want to stay competitive and you can start with revamping your careers site.

While you are rebranding your careers site and making it more user-friendly, you might also want to integrate it with an applicant tracking system. This is a smart move that will give your potential employees a good reason to choose you over your competitors!