A Team Building Trend You Haven’t Heard Of

By Renee Carpenter

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Looking to Build Your Team Remotely? Plum Can Help!


There’s no shortage of virtual team building blogs available (we even wrote one at the beginning of the pandemic!). From tips and tricks to boost communication to fun ways to celebrate and sip a coffee or cocktail with your teams, by now companies are up and running with supporting their teams remotely.

But what about building a team remotely? How’s that going for you? If you aren’t uncovering the innate talents of your team to understand what makes them shine, energized, and drained at work, there’s a good chance it could be going better.

This year at Plum, we built capabilities within our departments, and even staffed an entire team remotely! With organizations around the world undergoing rapid and significant hiring efforts to respond to changing business needs, we know there are many leaders in similar positions faced with the same challenge: how do you effectively build and support an entirely remote team? Plum can help. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Take a deep dive into your Plum Talent Guide

The results of the Plum Discovery Survey (our talent assessment) provide everyone with a personalized Plum Profile, which shows you your top three talents. (By the way, this part is free to anyone, the link is at the bottom of this page!)

The Plum Talent Guide takes your Plum Profile to the next level. It unlocks all 10 of your innate talents, ranked in order by how likely you are to excel at each talent at work, and offers a breakdown of the competencies that make up each talent and how much of each you possess. It also includes behavioral strengths, so you can see which behaviors come most naturally to you, and which require more energy or coping strategies to address. 

Talent Guide - Talent Breakdown

2. Provide space for individual reflection and action

Now that you know the ins and outs of your own talents, extend this same opportunity to every existing and new member on your team. Encourage everyone to spend 45 minutes to an hour learning more about themselves.

Just one of the many great features of the Plum Talent Guides is that each individuals’ talent guide has a unique link enabling seamless sharing with leaders. After each person has reviewed and digested their Talent Guide, set up one-on-one meetings with each of them and invite them to share their Talent Guide with you beforehand. This allows you to understand their talents and start to map out how, as a leader, you can leverage your strengths to complement the areas and competencies that may be draining for each person.

HR and people leaders can take this awareness and planning even further, as Plum offers leaders a holistic view of talents across entire departments, allowing leaders to easily access and manage the data of their team.

3. Bring everyone together

At Plum, our marketing team got together via Zoom, and our leader presented everyone’s Talent Guides side-by-side. You may be thinking, “Hey, that’s personal!” and you’re right, the Talent Guides are unique to each person. But because Plum Talents, competencies, and suggestions are all presented in a positive and actionable way, this exercise fostered deeper appreciation for one another’s strengths. It encouraged everyone to identify areas where we could build each other up and work more seamlessly together. In a strictly virtual and remote environment, this is essential.

Hiring, onboarding, and building teams remotely are here to stay, and you can set your organization up for success using these strategies and the tools Plum offers. With Plum, you can easily quantify the human potential of your workforce at scale and learn more about each person on your team in a more human way.

Get started today by booking a 15-minute chat to see how Plum enables organizations to hire, grow, and retain top talent effectively.

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