Announcing: Plum Now Integrates With SAP SuccessFactors!

By Plum

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Big news — Plum now integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, the world’s most popular Human Capital Management System (HCMS), allowing SuccessFactors customers to view predictive talent data right where they already manage their talent.



SAP SuccessFactors is the number 1 most popular HCMS, with 9% market share. 4,000 customers with 25 million users leverage SuccessFactors as their central talent acquisition and talent management database. Now, with Plum, SuccessFactors customers have the opportunity to collect and store an additional dimension of predictive data without logging out of SuccessFactors.

What does the integration do?

When integrated with SuccessFactors, Plum becomes a stage in the recruiting pipeline. Suddenly, Plum rocket-boosts your SuccessFactors experience by increasing the predictability and efficiency of your talent pipeline, all while making your hiring team more collaborative. Here’s how.

Get on the same page. Get your hiring time aligned on the needs of the role as soon as you create the job. Invite expert contributors  — such as hiring managers, recruiters, and top performers — to complete the 8-minute Match Criteria Survey and create the competency model for that job. Say goodbye to long role requirement meetings; regardless of how many expert contributors complete the survey, Plum will aggregate the results to get your team on the same page. Plum automatically calculates your competency model based on each expert contributor’s responses, aligning all of your stakeholders to the needs of the role.

Get data-at-a-glance. Automatically get Match Scores (a numerical value that quantifies employee potential) right in your applicant pipeline. View, sort, and filter your applicants’ Match Scores in SucessFactors. In addition to viewing the numerical Match Score, you can drill down into each candidate’s job-relevant talents and behavioral competencies in Plum.

Optimize for efficiency...all while creating a great candidate experience. At Plum, we believe that efficiency shouldn’t come at the cost of candidate experience. That’s why we optimize for both. When they complete the Plum talent assessment, all candidates receive a Plum Profile outlining their top talents, career advice, and opportunities for development, providing a candidate experience that adds significant value to any applicant’s job seeking journey without expending any extra recruiter bandwidth.

Prospect from your own talent pool. Just because one candidate may not be a great fit in one role doesn’t mean you have to throw out their application entirely. Cut major recruiting time and budget with Plum’s Talent Rediscovery feature, where you can get immediate insight into other roles where a candidate would be a fantastic fit. When you move that candidate to a new role in SuccessFactors, their Match Score is automatically re-calculated to reflect the new role’s competency model.

Why SAP SuccessFactors partners with Plum

Although our integration may be new, Plum’s partnership with SuccessFactors is not. Last September, Plum announced that it was one of a handful of partners selected as part of SAP SuccessFactors’ broader effort to build an open community that tackles the most critical people issues facing human resources and business leaders today.

SAP SuccessFactors’ open community of applications is organized around six initial pillars. Plum’s platform plays a key role across many of these pillars, including unbiased recruiting, predictive performance, and internal mobility. Plum is available for purchase on the SAP App Center.

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