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How to Beat the Plum Assessment

By Emily Sider | June 27, 2018
How to Beat the Plum Assessment
Watch the video below to learn everything you need to know about beating the Plum assessment.
How to beat the Plum assessment
We realize it isn't 2008 - but we couldn't resist.
In all seriousness, you’re not going to find how to “beat” the Plum assessment by a Google search. Sorry. But that’s because the Plum Assessment can’t be “beat.”
The Plum Assessment (or “Discovery Survey”) uses questions developed by Industrial/Organizational Psychologists (super smart people who study the psychology of the workplace) to gauge your personality, social intelligence, and problem solving ability. Basically, what makes you, you. Then our AI matches those data points to the needs of the role.
So answer honestly - because what constitutes an answer that will result in a “good match” differs from job to job. Although the Plum Discovery Survey is standardized for all job seekers, it’s what’s going on on the employer side that’s customizing the results. The hiring team for the role you’re applying for actually has their own survey - called the Match Criteria Survey - and that defines the personality, social intelligence, and problem solving needs of the role.
So how do you beat the Plum Assessment? Be yourself. Different companies have different needs. Completing the Discovery Survey honestly and genuinely is going to up your chances of landing a job where you will thrive and create fulfilling, productive work.
So what are you waiting for? Take the Plum Discovery Survey and discover what makes you, you. You’ll even receive a free Plum Profile which will outline your top talents, questions to ask in your next interview, and what kind of work environments you’ll succeed in.

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