Powered by the scalability of Artificial Intelligence and the deep insight of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Plum helps companies hire, grow, and retain top talent.
What is i/o psychology?


Know if an applicant will thrive in a role (before you even hire them) by measuring Plum talents like adaptability, innovation, communication, and more.
Get your hiring team on the same page by defining the needs of any role in a 6-8 minute survey called the Match Criteria Survey.
Measure applicants’ personality and cognitive ability with Plum’s Discovery Survey. We even give every job seeker their own talent profile – providing an awesome candidate experience.
Plum Match Scores give you deep insight into every applicant’s level of fit in the role, all in one place.
Talent profile hierarchy
Talent breakdown Adaptation
Plum Talent Grow Guide


You’ve invested a lot to find the right hire. Now it’s time to engage them in the role with development opportunities – and Plum has you covered with our Talent Grow Guides. Plum leverages the results of the Discovery Survey to curate a personalized development roadmap for every employee.
Get a bird’s eye view of your employee’s strengths and areas for development.
Dive deeper into specific talents with a detailed reference guide.
people come first
Empower employee-driven growth to prepare your people for new roles and stretch assignments.
Plum career pathing
Plum's 6 Dimensions of Emerging Leaders
Culture analysis


Plum provides you with the data you need to make predictive talent decisions at every stage of the employee journey. Retain top-performing employees by getting them into roles that match their talents within your company.
Enable data-driven, cross-functional, and employee-centric career pathing.
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Identify emerging leaders across your organization with the 6 dimensions of Plum’s Emerging Leader Model.
Develop a culture North Star that will spur employee success and achieve business outcomes with Plum’s Culture Analysis.

Ultraviolet Technology

Candidates + 10 Talents + Hiring Team

The science of I/O Psychology meets the speed and scale of AI in one platform, named (perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek) Ultraviolet. Here's how it works:

Hiring Team

Collaborates to identify critical traits for success in a role by completing a brief survey


Complete an assessment quantifying their cognitive and personality traits

10 Talents

  • Adaptable Ace
  • Chief Communicator
  • Decisive Director
  • Diversity Champion
  • Marvelous Manager
  • Innovator
  • Peacemaker
  • Outcome Owner
  • Powerful Persuader
  • True Team Player