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Plum is a revolutionary talent assessment platform that powers more objective talent decisions across the employee lifecycle using the predictive power of psychometric data.


Objective data

Plum strips away bias and provides organizations with objective data to make better talent decisions. Instead of relying on gut feel or subjective opinion, Plum helps organizations advance diversity, equity and inclusion by surfacing people for opportunities based on their true unbiased potential.


Unmatched scalability

Using a single assessment to power multiple talent decisions, and a first-of-its kind automated behavioral job analysis, Plum offers unmatched scalability.


Positive employee and candidate experience

87% of people who take the Plum assessment find the results to be exceptionally accurate, and Plum's award-winning UX makes for a streamlined user experience. And what's more, every person who takes the Plum assessment gets a free Plum Profile instantly, outlining their top 3 Plum Talents, work style and work preferences.

What have customers seen after using Plum?

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More accurate at predicting on-the-job success

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Increase in ability to retain talent

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Less time spent reading resumes

The power of Talents

Talents are recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. Often referred to as "soft skills," Talents represent our innate abilities and how we are hardwired as humans.

Plum reveals people's Talents with a single psychometric assessment that measures personality, social intelligence and problem-solving ability. While job titles, past experience and education merely show what a person has done in the past, Talents can actually predict what someone is capable of achieving in the future. They are 4X more predictive of future job success than what you'll find on a resume.

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Proven science

There are myriad assessments available on the market that try to help companies optimize their workforces and empower people to make sense of their strengths and aptitudes - but not all are created equal. Plum is built on proven science stemming from decades of robust Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology research, meaning that global enterprises can trust the validity, reliability and defensibility of Plum science.

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