How to Navigate a Crowded TA Market

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Featuring Dr. Susan Hanold, talent strategy expert, coach, and thought leader

With the market evolving at lightning speed, figuring out which TA tools are the right fit for your business can be challenging. And as the market becomes flooded with vendors, people get stuck trying to decide on the best technology solutions. Why? Because there are too many choices.

We're paralyzed by choice, plagued by self-doubt, frustration, and a gnawing stagnancy. Research says that having too many options actually decreases a person's ability to take action. Sound familiar? Don't fear. Dr. Susan Hanold sets the record straight to help you navigate this tangled web of TA technology.

In this recording, Dr. Hanold discusses the latest research and steps to simplify your buying decisions. She identifies ways to reduce analysis paralysis, discuss real recruiting challenges, and highlight practical solutions.

Watch the recording to learn more.

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