Product integrations

Make the most of your talent pipeline with our flexible integrations that plug Plum right into your Applicant Tracking System or Human Capital Management Software.

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Public API

Whether you use another vendor’s ATS, HRIS, or your own homegrown system, with Plum’s public API you can build an integration that’s customized to your specific needs: 

  • Create or update your job requisitions 
  • Send applicants to the Plum Discovery Survey 
  • View applicant Match Scores
  • Import data from Plum to your Human Capital Management Software

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Our Integrations

We’ve already integrated with these fantastic partners. Contact us to learn how Plum can fit into your SuccessFactors or Greenhouse workflows.

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Plum integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, adding a layer of predictive data right at the beginning of your SuccessFactors talent pipelineallowing you to unlock the potential of every single job applicant. 

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The SuccessFactors + Plum Integration is Here!

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Plum integrates with Greenhouse to provide companies with the data they need to hire, grow, and retain top talent. Plum assesses and stores applicant talent data to help companies make objective and predictive hiring decisions. 

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The New Greenhouse + Plum Integration Is Here!

Unlock your people's potential by plugging in predictive talent data right into your applicant tracking system

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Create Engaging Candidate Experiences

Provide every single job applicant with a detailed and personalized profile of their top talents, career advice, and questions to ask in their next interview. 

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Align Hiring Teams in Minutes

With Plum's Match Criteria Survey, hiring teams contribute to an adaptable competency model. The resultstakeholders get aligned on the needs of any given role in only 8 minutes.  

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Boost Diversity & Inclusion

With Plum at the beginning of your talent pipeline, identify top-performing talent based on predictive and objective indicatorsnot resume bias. 

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