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Learn how to harness your natural talents with the Plum Discovery Survey. This 25-minute assessment will help you build the foundation of a thriving career. Curious to learn more?

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What are Plum Talents?

Plum Talents encapsulate the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make you, you. These Talents help uncover what drives you and what drains you. Plum’s science-backed career assessment utilizes the widely researched five-factor personality model to define the traits that define your professional success.

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A graphic depicting the same woman, one side driven and energized, the other drained.

Drivers vs. Drainers

Talents live on a spectrum and being high or low in a Talent is not a measure of good versus bad. Instead, your Plum Talents surface what innate behaviors energize you and which ones deplete you. Understanding the difference means you can advocate for your needs at work and focus on growth over survival.

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Leveraging your Talents

After the assessment, your Plum Profile will equip you with strategies you can implement to utilize your talents at work or during the interview process, including what questions to ask to properly evaluate potential employers.

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