The Plum Origin Story

Plum is co-founded by Caitlin MacGregor

by Caitlin Macgregor

After building two businesses of her own, Plum CEO Caitlin MacGregor experienced firsthand the costs of uncertainty and bias in the hiring process. In her last business, she began to use a psychometric assessment at the top of the hiring funnel instead of a resume - and suddenly began to find amazing talent that she would have otherwise overlooked. She knew that she would need to predict with certainty the quality of her hires in order for any future business she built to be successful, so she co-founded Plum out of her own necessity.

Plum launched in 2012

Plum Launched in 2012

Launched in 2012 out of Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Plum began to scale an assessment process that was once highly consultative and expensive by automating it with AI. Suddenly, hiring science once reserved for vetting CEOs of Fortune 500 companies was available to all.

Our Story

January 2012

Released the first version of our product, which included a not-so-pretty Microsoft Excel document output (give us a break, it was the first version of Plum!)

January 2013

Released version 2 of our product as a software-as-a-service, replacing the Excel spreadsheet with a dashboard (thank goodness)

July 2014

Acquired our first Angel investor #blessed (get it?) 

April 2015

Released Version 3 of our product, which introduced our signature Match Score and Match Criteria Survey. Finally, hiring teams could hire for fit, all while getting on the same page when it came to job needs

November 2015

Beat out 11,000 competitors (no big deal) to take home the grand prize at 43North

May 2016

50,000 people completed the Plum Discovery Survey

September 2016

Established our board

January 2017

After a year and a half of R&D (and a whole lotta hustle), Plum took the leap to bring predictability to every stage of the employee journey by introducing our Professional Development Guide and Culture Gap Analysis

January 2017

Closed 2 million seed round funding

March 2017

100,000 people completed the Plum Discovery Survey

September 2017

150,000 people completed the Plum Discovery Survey. That's pretty much the population of Hollywood (the one in Florida, not California)

October 2017

Plum accepted to Creative Destruction Lab, providing mentorship and direction for Plum's Artificial Intelligence

December 2017

100 customers making data-driven talent decisions with Plum!

February 2018

Reached 50% women and 50% men full-time employees cross-company

June 2018

Released Ultraviolet, the fourth iteration of the Plum platform. The most game-changing feature? Talent Rediscovery, which allows our users to prospect their entire Plum database filled with every candidate who has ever applied for a job at their company, and shortlist them for a role

July 2018

Announced our partnership with the University of Waterloo, which boasts the largest integrated school and work program of its kind, to better connect its 21,000+ students with the 6,900 employers that recruit from the university each year

August 2018

200,000 people (a.k.a. the population of Salt Lake City) have taken the Plum Discovery Survey and completed a Plum Profile!

Today, Plum is more than just a one-stop shop hiring solution.
A database of 24 trillion + datapoints

24 Trillion + Datapoints

Since its launch in 2012, Plum's proprietary database has gathered 24 trillion (and counting) deep behavioral data points. That's a lot of data - data that can be applied outside the hiring process to help companies grow and retain talent, too. We couldn't just keep that data all to ourselves! That's why Plum now offers Professional Development Guides and Culture Gap Analyses to provide every organization with the science they need to make evidence-based development and culture decisions.

Your diversity and inclusion ally

and Inclusion Ally

Just as Plum is committed to diversity and inclusion in our own hiring and culture, we hustle every day to provide organizations with the data they need to reach their diversity and inclusion goals at every stage of the employee journey.

Your partner in the future of work

the Future of Work

Plum exists to map employee potential to job needs. That's why, in a future of automation, Plum's mission is to transition entire workforces from dying jobs to thriving ones. We have the data your organization needs to get the right people in the right seats the first time - no musical chairs.

We're building amazing things. Want to join us?

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