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Plum is Co-founded by Caitlin MacGregor

Caitlin MacGregor was voted most likely to save the world in her high school yearbook – and it wasn’t until she built two businesses that she realized she was meant to save the world by revolutionizing talent processes to prepare businesses for the future of work. In her second business, Caitlin used a psychometric assessment to find the people she needed to get the idea off the ground – and suddenly began to find amazing talent that she would have otherwise overlooked. Caitlin ended up founding Plum out of her own necessity; after all, for any of her future endeavors to be successful, she needed to make predictive talent decisions that only Plum could inform. 

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Plum Launched in 2012

Launched in 2012 out of Waterloo, Canada, Plum began as a spreadsheet. Today, Plum’s software enacts its mission to prepare organizations for the future of work by providing predictive and scalable talent datasets, replacing a process that was once high consultative and expensive by automating it with AI.  


January 2012

We released the first version of our product, which included a not-so-pretty Microsoft Excel document output (give us a break, it was the first version of Plum!)

January 2013

We released Version 2 of our product as a software-as-a-service, replacing the Excel spreadsheet with a dashboard (thank goodness)

July 2014

We acquired our first Angel investor #blessed (get it?) 

April 2015

We released Version 3 of our product, which introduced our signature Match Score and Match Criteria Survey. Finally, hiring teams could hire for fit, all while getting on the same page when it came to job needs

September 2016

We established our Board of Directors

January 2017

After a year and a half of R&D (and a whole lotta hustle), Plum took the leap to bring predictability to every stage of the employee journey by introducing Plum Talent Guides

March 2017

100,000 people completed the Plum Discovery Survey

October 2017

We were accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab, providing mentorship and direction for Plum's Artificial Intelligence

December 2017

100 customers making data-driven talent decisions with Plum!

February 2018

We reached 50% women and 50% men full-time employees cross-company

June 2018

We released Ultraviolet, the fourth iteration of the Plum platform. The most game-changing feature? Talent Rediscovery, which allows our users to prospect their entire Plum database filled with every candidate who has ever applied for a job at their company, and shortlist them for a role

July 2018

We announced our partnership with the University of Waterloo to better connect its 21,000+ students with the 6,900 employers that recruit from the university each year

August 2018

200,000 people (a.k.a. the population of Salt Lake City) have taken the Plum Discovery Survey and completed a Plum Profile!

September 2018

Plum is selected by SAP SuccessFactors as a partner in SuccessFactors’ broader effort to build an open community that tackles the most critical issues facing HR professionals and business leaders

October 2018

We were rated the soft skills assessment with the best ROI by peer-to-peer business technology review site G2

February 2019

We welcomed Jenny Dearbornformer EVP of HR for SAP and author of The Data Driven Leader: A Powerful Approach to Delivering Measurable Business Impact Through People Analyticsto our Board of Directors. 

March 2019

We launched two big integrations, allowing SAP SuccessFactors and Greenhouse customers to access an additional dimension of people data right where they already manage their talent

September 2019

We announced that we've raised $4.2M USD in seed funding, allowing us to grow our team and strengthen our relationship with SAP! 

October 2020

We launched a full talent management platform that applies the predictive power of psychometric data to talent decisions across the entire employee lifecycle. 

September 2021

We launched a fully automated Leadership Potential solution to empower organizations to objectively identify high-potential talent.

Plum continues to revolutionize how global enterprises hire, grow and retain talent.
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Scale the expertise of I/O psychology across your workforce

Plum is the first and only talent resilience platform that accurately quantifies human potential at scale, then maps people to opportunities where they’ll thrive. 

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Curate a memorable and engaging experience

Make your company the best place to work—or even apply—with a next-level candidate and employee experience that adds value to your people’s career and professional goals. 

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