I/O Psychology

What is I/O Psychology?

Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology is the study of human behavior in the workplace. I/O Psychologists improve hiring, training, and management by studying worker behavior, evaluating companies, and conducting leadership training. This work started in WWII, when lives were literally on the line to find the best candidate for a position. Scientists needed to develop selection methods that they knew would work to select officers and pilots, and place them into roles that were the best fit for their skills.

50+ years later, researchers in the I/O Psychology field continue to gather evidence that demonstrates which tools are the best predictors of performance. Today, this research is applied in the workplace primarily through non-scalable and expensive consulting services – meaning this deep insight is often reserved for vetting executives of Fortune 500 companies. But the introduction of AI to the I/O field could change all that.

The AI Opportunity

The AI opportunity

AI offers scalable and efficient decision-making, so it’s no wonder that stretched HR & Talent professionals turn to AI to future-proof their talent processes and save resources. But not all AI is created equal; after all, the crux of AI is to mimic human decision-making – which can so often be unpredictive and biased. Plum’s Ultraviolet technology learns from the expertise of I/O Psychology selection methods proven to predict success and mitigate bias, such as problem-solving ability, social intelligence, and personality.

Before, organizations could only gain access to the deep insight of I/O Psychology through time-consuming and often costly consulting services. Now, with Plum, the certainty of predictive selection data is available to all.

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50+ years of I/O Psychology is at the core of what we do. Want to dig deeper into the research, or just geek out about I/O Psychology a bit? We won't judge.

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Predictive data for

EVery Stage of the

Employee Lifecycle

Plum is the first talent data repository that doesn't treat its data as a one-time-use asset. We use the deep people insights we gain to benefit both the individual and the organization throughout the employee lifecycle. Our tools solve enterprise organizations' toughest talent acquisition and talent management challenges by providing predictive decision-making across a spectrum of use cases, such as...



Matching internal and external applicants to every job in your organization         

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Personalized career pathing

Personalized Career Pathing

Identifying career progression opportunities across all functional departments and levels within your organization 

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Emerging leaders

Emerging Leaders

Identifying high-potential candidates (HIPOs) at all levels in the organization and building personalized development plans to support and sustain their progression 

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Personalized Development

Personalized Development

Curating training, development activities, and opportunities to your employees’ unique strengths and challenge areas 

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Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Redeploying talent into new roles to keep pace with your future workforce needs           

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