Quantify job fit

Match the right people to the right roles by predicting on-the-job success.

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Gather predictive data in three simple steps

Identify job requirements

Complete an automated job analysis to identify the behavioral requirements of any role and easily update them as job needs change.

Time to results: 8 minutes

Assess candidates and employees

Measure personality, problem solving and social intelligence in every job seeker and candidate with one user-friendly online assessment.

Time to results: 25 minutes

Reveal the best match

Quantify job fit by comparing individual profiles against the needs of the job.

Time to results: Instant

Unlock the power of Talents

Plum predicts on-the-job success with Talents - recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. Talents provide an unbiased picture of what people are naturally capable of achieving and are 4X more predictive of future job success than what you'd find on a resume.

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Make better decisions

By gaining a more objective view of job needs and people's capabilities, you can quickly and easily strip away bias to surface the best match for every opportunity at any stage of the employee lifecycle.

Talent Acquisition

Reduce bias and hire with confidence


Internal Mobility

Better leverage the existing talent within your company


Succession Planning

Choose successors who are most likely to thrive


Workforce Planning

Align talent with business needs at scale


Foster positive employee experiences

When any job seeker or employee completes Plum's assessment, they immediately receive a personalized Plum Profile outlining their top 3 Plum Talents, work style, work preferences and questions they can ask in an interview to ensure the role is a great fit for them.

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FY22_G2 Summer Award Badges@2x

The G2 Summer Awards recognize Plum's excellence in Diversity Recruiting, Pre-Employment Testing, and Succession Planning

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Predict on-the-job success at every stage of the employee journey.

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