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Leveraging the data from Plum's single assessment, instantly measure leadership potential in every employee to spot high-potential talent earlier in their careers.

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Organizations that focus on identifying and developing high-potential talent are


More Effective
at growing their businesses and retaining employees


Boost diversity

Using objective criteria to surface individuals with leadership potential– no matter their race, gender, or background - Plum strips away bias and helps you build a more diverse leadership pipeline.​


Make better decisions

Leveraging a single assessment, Plum gives you the objective leadership potential data you need to inform calibration discussions, build succession plans, and prioritize employee development.​


Put insights into action

Don’t just stop at identifying HiPo's. Plum helps you supercharge their growth with insight into where they’ll be most successful in promotions, stretch assignments and other developmental opportunities.

Predict future success

Plum’s comprehensive Leadership Potential Model is made up of six foundational dimensions that predict whether someone has the potential to grow into and succeed in future leadership positions.

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Did you know?


of individuals in high potential programs DO NOT have strong leadership potential


of HR professionals lack confidence in their high potential programs.


of DEI leaders perceive bias in their promotions or succession processes

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