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With a single psychometric assessment, Plum helps you place people in roles that play to their natural strengths, while fostering the necessary development to succeed in their careers over the long-term.

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A Better Way to Build Succession Plans

Learn how Plum can helps create stronger succession plans by identifying successors who are most likely to thrive.

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Customize success criteria for specific roles

To match people to the right opportunities, you first need to determine role needs, which can be challenging when you’re thinking of future role requirements. Plum allows you to create and update job criteria quickly and easily as job needs change, so you can more nimbly ensure your competency model reflects emerging job and business objectives.

Cast a wider net

Often, the same select individuals get put on multiple succession plans. But with Plum, you can build a deeper succession pipeline by looking across your organization to find people who have the right skills and potential to succeed in critical roles. 

Understand potential better

Not only can you quantify job fit to ensure you’re matching the right successors to the right roles, but you can also use Plum to objectively measure leadership potential in every employee. Finally, you’ll have the objective potential data you need to complete 9-box exercises without the bias and guesswork.

Take action on development

Once you’ve identified successors for critical roles, Plum’s personalized Talent Guides give every employee the insights they need to build high-impact development plans. You can finally set successors up to build the skills and experiences they need to succeed in future roles.

Did you know?

Only 14% of companies describe themselves as “strong” at succession planning.​

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The G2 Summer Awards recognize Plum's excellence in Diversity Recruiting, Pre-Employment Testing, and Succession Planning

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