Retaining Talent: A conversation around employee engagement

According to PowerToFly’s recent What Diverse Talent Wants in 2024 survey, both talent retention and engagement continue to be huge issues, with 83% of employed diverse talent considering quitting their current jobs this year.

Unlock the secrets to fostering a culture of retention and engagement in your organization in this webinar on-demand. Join Milena Berry, Caitlin MacGregor, and Ben Brooks for this engaging discussion moderated by Rob Ribar, Director of Events & Marketing at PowerToFly, and gain actionable strategies straight from the C-suite.

Tune into the session to discover:

  • Innovative strategies and best practices for retaining top talent and fostering employee engagement.
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in talent acquisition and retention efforts
  • The role of data in talent assessment and decision-making, and how organizations can leverage data to improve employee retention.
  • Emerging trends in talent acquisition and employee engagement, and how companies can stay ahead of the curve.

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