The Talent Supply Chain is Broken

It’s time we restore the workforce with a people-focused approach

Traditional hiring methods focus on two primary factors: hard skills and years of experience. While informative, this antiquated methodology fails to consider the whole person, and only now are we seeing the cracks in the façade. With declining productivity and a shrinking workforce, this system is no longer the best option. It’s time to reimagine the employee journey beyond the resume and look at the bigger picture. 

In “Unlocking Internal Mobility and the Skills-Based Hiring Tech Stack,” WorkTech’s George LaRocque walks through his latest report about developing and retaining employees and unlocking the power of your people through a skills-based hiring approach. In this webinar, George uncovers:  

  • How the shifting talent landscape has made previous models for internal mobility obsolete
  • The major components of the skills-based org tech stack
  • Predictions for the future of skills-based organizations

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Unlock the Webinar

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