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Recruitment means more than just filling roles

it's about strategically aligning talent with the core needs of your business. PlumThrive's unique approach to hiring provides personalized insights into both hard and soft skills, helping ensure each hire is capable and innately suited to their role.

Why choose PlumThrive for talent acquisition?

Predict their potential. Image of a hiring manager welcoming a new hire with the hiring criteria in a dashboard behind them.

Predict their potential

At the heart of PlumThrive is our science-backed psychometric assessment, grounded in I/O Psychology and the Five-Factor Personality Model. Our assessment provides a reliable prediction of a candidate’s potential job performance and fit. By understanding a candidate’s innate behaviors, employers can make more informed hiring decisions that go beyond immediate needs and factor in long-term growth and retention.

Comprehensive skill alignment. Image of a set of input fields with various desired experience categories.

Comprehensive skill alignment

PlumThrive goes beyond traditional resume screening by integrating an analysis of both hard and soft skills. This dual approach ensures candidates are evaluated on technical abilities and behavioral traits that help predict how effectively they will integrate into a team and contribute to its goals. This method significantly enhances the accuracy of fit for each role, leading to better performance and job satisfaction.

Image of the Match Criteria determined by several job experts.

Streamlined hiring process

PlumThrive minimizes the typical complexities involved in hiring. By condensing what used to be hours of evaluation into a streamlined, data-driven process, our platform enables hiring managers to quickly surface the best candidates. This efficiency reduces hiring time across multiple systems and the costs associated with lengthy recruitment processes.

Candidate Matching. Image of a dashboard with various matched candidates to a role.

Data-driven candidate matching

We help match candidates to roles based on a deep analysis of job requirements and candidate profiles. This matching is supported by detailed job analyses that reflect an organization's evolving needs. As a result, PlumThrive can perfectly align candidates with the roles where they are most likely to succeed.

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A better way to hire

With PlumThrive, your talent acquisition strategy is modernized to meet today’s workforce challenges. By leveraging robust psychometric science and advanced matching technologies, PlumThrive helps fill positions and ensures each hire is a strategic fit, poised to contribute to your company’s growth. 

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