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Together, PlumThrive and PlumFlourish create a complete workforce ecosystem that fosters success and fulfillment across every level of professional engagement.

Bridging career aspirations and business needs

Plum empowers enterprises with revolutionary workforce analytics while supporting individuals in building careers that resonate with their unique abilities.

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When people bring their authentic selves to work

94% of users value their PlumFlourish data.

With our cutting-edge platform, you can navigate the complex job market with ease, confidence, and a sharp focus on what makes you unique.

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Employers can qualify talent more effectively

PlumThrive is 4x more accurate at predicting on-the-job success.

A human-centric approach is the most important factor in attracting, engaging, and retaining top employees. Our talent-driven platform enables organizations to fully realize their workforce's capabilities through comprehensive talent analytics.

The science behind Plum

So, the right people stay longer

77% increase in talent retention.

PlumThrive’s revolutionary approach to talent management adds a new lens to your talent optimization strategies, allowing you to easily develop and deploy your people.

Learn how to better mange your talent

And perform better

93% of hiring managers would rehire their PlumThrive match.

PlumThrive’s unique approach to hiring combines personalized insights into both hard and soft skills, ensuring each hire is completely suited to their role.

Discover a better way to hire

Because happy people make healthy companies

182% ROI realization.

Harness the full power of your workforce without skipping a beat. See how PlumThrive super user Scotiabank uses our platform to scale its workforce.

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