10 HR Podcasts You Need to Listen To

By Noor Khan

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Celebrate International Podcast Day with 10 of the Best Listens for HR Professionals


Podcasts have grown in popularity and range tremendously over the past few years. You can find a podcast about almost anything these days – the opportunities to learn, be inspired and challenge your thinking are endless – especially when it comes to the world of HR.

Here at Plum, we love to stay informed about and connected to all things related to talent management, and what better way to do so than by listening to podcasts featuring thought leaders in the HR and talent space?

To celebrate International Podcast Day, we’re spotlighting ten HR podcasts we love (in no particular order) that we think you’ll love too.



  1. Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

Hosted by Digital Transformation Author, Work Tech Analyst, and International Speaker, Matt Alder, the educational and inspiring podcasts feature thought leaders and HR influencers, as they discuss the future of HR and the workplace. The podcasts cover various topics, including talent acquisition strategy, employer branding, automation, diversity & inclusion, culture, and experience.

Episode we love: Ep 344: The Future of Talent Acquisition

Global Tech Analyst Josh Bersin joins host Matt Alder in this insightful podcast on the future of talent acquisition. They discuss how to navigate the rapid changes TA's face as labour markets change, job automation increases, and the importance of talent mobility and the need for reskilling to adapt to these changes. Give it a listen!



  1. CareerXroads Podcast

Geared towards talent acquisition and talent management, the CXR podcasts include a few different engaging segments with industry leaders, discussing topics focused on attracting, engaging, and retaining the best talent. Our favourite is the eXpertise segment, where an industry leader shares a life or career lesson that stands out to them.

Episode we love: S4 E102 Caitlin MacGregor uses predictive data to unlock potential.

In this episode, Our CEO, Caitlin, shares the benefits of going beyond pattern matching and resumes by using predictive data to reveal human potential. We may be slightly biased here, but this podcast inspires us and reminds us of what we can accomplish when we realize our potential and are empowered to use it in our roles.



  1. Digital HR Leaders with David Green

In his weekly podcast series, host David Green speaks to senior HR leaders in a wide range of industries and organizations worldwide who are driving digital transformation at their companies. The series explores innovations in the HR world using people analytics, and also offers insightful predictions from industry experts on the future of HR.

Episode we love: How to Develop the HR Skills for The Future

This episode is a panel discussion about skilling HR to be more data-driven and digital. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the skills HR professionals will require to navigate the future of work and ways they can feel confident having data-driven conversations in their organizations.



  1. HR Chat Podcast

The HR Chat podcast is a series of interviews with high-profile influencers, leaders, and analysts as they share insights, strategies, and analysis to help HR and leaders get more from the world of work. The show covers leadership, talent, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, employee engagement, performance, and company culture.

Episode we love: #317- Why Embracing People Where They're at is Key to Driving Progress w/ Astrid Jorgensen, Pub Choir

Artist and community builder, Astrid Jorgensen, talks about how embracing people where they're at is key to driving progress and explores why high-performance rests on a team of good players. She also touches on how to bring diverse groups together to achieve inspiring performances - an important concept that can be applied to how companies recruit and hire talent!



  1. DriveThruHR

Hosted by Mike Van Dervort, Robin Schooling, Dwane La and Crystal Miller, DriveThruHR covers hot topics on the mind of HR professionals. In each episode, they dive into a variety of topics, including HR technology, recruiting, talent management, leadership, organizational culture and strategic HR.

Episodes we love: DE&I: What Gets Measured Gets Done w/ Annie Lin

In this episode, Annie Lin, VP of People for Lever, talks about connecting your company's DE&I priorities with action by embedding it in core programs and every part of the employee lifecycle. She shares some tips for reducing bias in hiring, like training managers on unconscious bias, the importance of acknowledging employees' gender identities, and offers practical advice on "where to start" when prioritizing DE&I efforts.


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  1. Now of Work by Leapgen

Hosted by Jason Averbook, this interactive podcast navigates the world of work. It explores the concept of the Digital Workplace and how this new model of work blends in with the work that's been happening from an HR perspective.

Episode we love: Caitlin MacGregor, Plum.io and Jason Averbook

In this episode, Jason and our CEO, Caitlin MacGregor, dive into all things talent. They discuss the importance of changing how you think about talent management and why knowing and understanding the talent in your organization is crucial to becoming resilient. Caitlin explains the concept of quantifying human potential how it helps enterprises hire, grow, and retain talent.



  1. McKinsey Podcast

The McKinsey Podcast covers a wide range of topics relating to HR and business professionals, including leadership, analytics, and change management.

Episode we love: The Search for Purpose at Work

In this inspiring episode, Naina Dhingra and Bill Schaninger talk about the fascinating new research they discovered on individual purpose, its impact on companies, and the impact that your company has on your sense of purpose. We love this episode because it highlights the importance of fulfillment and how the work we do day-to-day can contribute to our sense of purpose.



  1. Recruiting Daily Podcast with William Tincup

The RecruitingDaily podcasts feature conversations with thought leaders and expert practitioners in human resources and talent acquisition. Each episode breaks down talent strategies from some of the world's best talent acquisitions teams and provides insightful commentary on all things talent acquisition.

Episode we love: Plum – Talent Resiliency And Mobility Is The Name Of The Game with Caitlin MacGregor

Our CEO Caitlin chats with William about how HR leaders can build stronger organizations by understanding their people and setting them up to thrive. We love this episode because Caitlin challenges leaders to think about the importance of understanding their people, what drives them, what drains them, and how leaders can use this knowledge to optimize talent management.



  1. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist, Adam Grant's eye-opening podcasts feature some big names like Brene Brown, Jane Goodall, Dax Shephard, as he explores the science of “making work not suck”. The podcasts covers everything from learning how to love criticism to harnessing the power of frustration.

Episode we love: How to Bust Bias at Work

In this episode, Adam Grant explores anti-racism and the science of debiasing individuals and organizations. He talks about how we all possess conscious and unconscious biases and how education or anti-bias training doesn't always solve the problem. What does make an impact is an action plan to change the behaviours that lead to bias, and in this episode, he highlights how one organization has increased diversity and inclusion by adopting habit training.


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  1. Nine to Thrive

Hosted by Allan Mellish, these 15-minute podcast episodes feature leading HR practitioners from Fortune 1000 companies, thought leaders, authors, and academics. They cover everything from talent acquisition to analytics to engagement, retention, and development.

Episode we love: Individual Attention As a Path to Employee Engagement

Amy Leschke-Kahle dives into how leaders can help employees move from being busy with tasks to enthusiastically engage at work, starting with one person at a time. We love how this podcast talks about bringing your best self to work and how managers can harness the power of attention to prioritize work via regular check-ins with their employees.