My Journey with Plum

By Emily Loberto

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Post-secondary school is often considered a time of self-discovery where you figure out who you want to be and what career path to pursue to get you there. But the reality is many students select a degree, study hard during their first couple years of classes, and still have no idea what they want to do. And I was no exception.

Discovering Plum 

When I sat down to apply for my first co-op term, my first real job, several thoughts were running through my mind. I had only been in university for a year and a half, I’d only taken a few introductory business courses, and now I was supposed to make a career decision that would have a lasting impact on the rest of my life? It felt impossible, and as I scrolled through job post after job post, I was lost in a sea of keywords and role descriptions, trying to figure out what I wanted to do and knowing that I would never hear a word back from most places I applied.

When I found Plum, I immediately knew this company was different. Every other job I looked at had an overwhelming list of qualifications that no second-year university student could possibly hope to meet. Plum’s job description discussed how I would grow and learn if I worked for them. Their human-centric approach immediately blew me away, and when I applied with the Plum Discovery Survey and was given an in-depth description of my talents in return, I knew that I had found something exceptional.  

Leveraging my Talents 

I was hired as a Marketing Coordinator, and my incredible team gave me the freedom to take on projects that interested me in addition to my day-to-day tasks. I’ve always loved writing, which is reflected by my Top Talent in Communication, and I quickly gravitated toward content marketing. Soon, I was writing most of the captions for our social media posts, helping with speeches and webinars, and eventually writing publications for our blog. 

The tasks I got to complete at work were incredibly driving to me and were well aligned with my natural skill set. However, many of my friends weren’t as lucky with their co-op placements. While I finished work with energy left to exercise, hang out with friends, and partake in my hobbies, many of the people around me finished exhausted and needed the whole evening to recuperate for the next day. 

This was my first look at what it truly means to be driven or drained by your job. The impact of your role extends far beyond the standard 9 to 5 hours. It touches almost every aspect of your life. People in a job that doesn’t fulfill them don’t have the energy to maintain relationships, pursue their interests, work out, or do any other things crucial to well-being and happiness. These days, all you hear about is declines in mental health and happiness levels, and it’s easy to see why when so many people are deeply unfulfilled by the work they do. 

Working Toward a Better Future 

The farther I got into my work term, the clearer it became that Plum allowed me to be part of something bigger than myself. Plum’s platform is specifically designed to help people discover their superpowers and build a career that brings them joy. The company was founded on the belief that when people flourish, business thrives, and it was evident that people’s Plum Profiles truly were making a difference in their lives.   

Each day, hundreds of job seekers were flocking to LinkedIn to thank Plum for building an assessment that emphasized how they could fulfill themselves while excelling at work rather than just focusing on what skills potential employers might find valuable. Moreover, companies hiring using Plum repeatedly report that their team members are happier and able to outperform their peers when connected to roles that leverage their talents.   

Plum’s mission is one that I felt incredibly connected to, and I decided to stay on for both my second and third co-op terms. I am now working part-time as a Content Marketing Specialist while I finish my degree. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity Plum has given me and for how every team member works so hard each day to give to others. Everyone deserves to be seen for their authentic selves at work and to do work they find fulfilling. Plum is closer to making that world a reality, one profile at a time. 

Find Fulfillment with Plum  

Whether you’ve been in the workforce for one year or 50, your Plum Profile will give you valuable insights into who you are and what career path will best fit your natural capabilities. After taking the free 25-minute assessment, you will gain insights into your personality, resources to leverage on your growth journey, and recommendations to help you stand out to employers and land the job of your dreams like me! 

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