Department of National Defence: Visible Minorities Recruitment Campaign

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Canadian Department of National Defence Visible Minorities Recruitment Report

How Plum Helped Increase Diversity at the Canadian Department of National Defence

The Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) wanted to revolutionize their recruitment and staffing process by taking an innovative, data-driven approach to increasing the representation of visible minorities within their executive cadre.

Using Plum, the department successfully qualified 36 top tier candidates and partially qualified another 38 candidates who represent a highly skilled, diverse talent pool.

Read the official report from the DND outlining key takeaways and successes from their Visible Minorities Recruitment Campaign, including how they:
  • Deployed a fair and objective candidate assessment to increase diversity in their leadership talent pools
  • Increased transparency and communication with candidates
  • Increased candidate engagement, participation and completion rates
  • Increased engagement and collaboration between HR and hiring managers

Read the report

Visible Minorities Recruitment Campaign