How Plum is Changing the Talent Management Game

By Victoria Miller

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When People Thrive, Businesses Thrive. Discover What Plum's Talent Resilience Platform Can Do For You


We're reimagining talent management by giving enterprise organizations the most important talent data they need to align talent to changing business needs at speed and scale.

There’s no shortage of human capital management solutions out there. HR technology platforms exist to help HR teams, leaders, and employees navigate through each phase of the employee life cycle with ease, efficiency and high engagement. But among that vast selection of HR technology solutions, something has been missing in the talent management space. No solution has given enterprise organizations the data they need to identify the dynamic behavioral needs of jobs and to truly understand who their people are, so that they can maximize their potential.

Until now.

Using a single, scalable psychometric assessment and a dynamic automated job analysis process, Plum’s Talent Resilience Platform helps organizations reveal what makes each individual employee exceptional, and then map them to jobs where they’ll thrive at every phase of the employee lifecycle. Because when people are thriving, businesses thrive too.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

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Look Forward, Not Back

Did you know that there are at least 500,000 traffic accidents caused by people backing up, according to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA)? No surprise, since it’s harder to control a vehicle when looking behind you. But now imagine sitting in your car, looking behind you, and trying to drive forward. How long would it take before you got into trouble?

The problem with the talent data that most companies currently use is that it’s always looking backwards. Past job titles. Years of service. Time to hire. What courses someone completed in the LMS.

Companies are constantly looking at the past, expecting it to tell them where their people are going. But how can they be looking backwards to align talent to business needs, when business needs are constantly shifting, and job requirements are changing faster than ever before? As organizations face rapid transformation, they need to define job needs quickly and map people to those jobs. If they’re looking at data based on past experience (like resumes) or on hard skills alone (that go out of date as new technologies emerge), it’s nearly impossible to ensure that their talent is properly aligned to their changing business priorities.

Plum takes a forward-looking approach to talent management by measuring Talents, which are 4X more accurate at predicting on-the-job success than resumes. Talents account for the fluidity of job responsibilities, business strategies, and people, making them a more evergreen, forward-looking, and unbiased dataset on which to base talent decisions.

With this proven science, we focus on identifying and cultivating the unique potential in every employee, so that companies can align talent to changing business strategies at speed and scale.

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One Platform, Countless Outcomes

Once companies gather this powerful data on their workforce, they can apply it to every talent decision, including workforce planning, talent acquisition, internal mobility, and succession planning. Plum helps organizations manage their talent more strategically and efficiently, while removing bias and revealing the potential at all levels of their workforce.


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