An assessment that inspires self-insight

An assessment that inspires self-insight

Who said assessments had to be scary? The 30-minute Plum Talent assessment may help you understand the talents of your people, but it also helps your people understand themselves, their strengths, and where they thrive. 



People who are satisfied with their candidate experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offer and twice as likely to become a customer


With 87% of employees rating their Plum Profiles as extremely accurate, our platform builds trust and ensures employees feel valued and understood


When asked how they would describe their experience completing their Plum Profile, 89% of respondents described it as positive or very positive

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Curate a memorable candidate experience...

For job applicants, Plum facilitates an engaging and positive candidate experience by providing every single person with a detailed and personalized Plum Profile. The Profile includes their top talents, career advice, and questions they can ask in their next interview, providing insights to help them promote themselves effectively through their job seeker journey. 


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...that leads to an engaging employee experience

When people find roles where they get to leverage what makes them extraordinary, the outcome is a more fulfilling, engaging career. Using the same Plum Profiles, enable your employees to dive deeper into their natural talents and use these insights to create personal development plans with their manager or internal coach.  


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Allow your employees to customize their career journeys

Talent mobility decisions have typically happened behind closed doors, leaving employees with little visibility into or power over where they go next. With Plum, invite every employee to engage in their career mobility decisions. Employees can view current and future opportunities and indicate their interest from within their Plum Profile.