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Talent Acquisition

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With our science-backed job assessment, Plum condenses 140 hours of job evaluation into 8 quick minutes, ensuring your next perfect hire.

Quickly gain insights into the behavioral requirements of your roles. After your candidates complete their assessments, Plum will then help match their results across your organization and ensure you are evaluating the best candidate every time.

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Jumpstart the journey

Help employees unlock their true potential and put them on the path to leadership with a personalized Plum Profile.

With Plum, each new hire receives a personalized Plum Profile that surfaces innate behaviors and tasks that either drive or drain them. Managers will know exactly what an employee needs to thrive at work.

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Team Optimization

Squad goals

Spark innovation, teamwork and retain your dedicated workforce with team Talent assessments.

Teams can compare their Talents and gain a deeper understanding of their colleagues, equipping them with the knowledge to work seamlessly together.

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Learning and Development

Power their potential

Employees gain access to dozens of Plum resources to help support what drives them and manage what drains them.

Plum helps cultivate growth through a self-guided resource library designed to help employees flourish in their careers.

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Internal Mobility

Reinventing the ladder

Talent can come from anywhere. Easily identify top candidates across all departments and fill roles from within. Plum’s signature job assessment testing tool calculates leadership potential to ensure your high-potential employees are met with the resources they need to grow their careers in tandem with your organization.

Today's dynamic workforce requires agility. Update changing job needs and source talent from within your organization to always meet the needs of your business.

Case Study: How the Plum Discovery Survey Enables Internal Mobility
A woman looking over her Plum Profile and Plum Talent Guide.
Succession Planning

Futureproof your workforce

Planning for the future can be tricky. Plum helps identify employees with leadership potential that can succeed in critical roles.

Remove bias from succession planning decisions and use Plum's Talent data and leadership assessment tool to easily plan for any changes in your org chart.

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