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With a single psychometric assessment, Plum empowers organizations to optimally mobilize their talent and grow people from within.​

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A Better Way To Mobilize Internal Talent

Discover how to match existing employees to emerging opportunities using human potential data.

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Gain greater visibility into your talent pools

Your organization is full of talented people with in-demand skills. Plum helps you understand the human potential within your workforce so you can match existing employees to emerging opportunities across your organization – whether they’re full time roles or short-term project assignments. 

Don’t let bias get in the way

Many companies use performance data to determine who is eligible for promotions, stretch assignments and special projects. But performance reviews can be highly subjective and sometimes keep talented people from fully flourishing in your company. With Plum, you can gain a more objective view of people’s capabilities, so that you are taking full advantage of the human potential within your workforce. 

Break down silos

With Plum, talent professionals across departments can gain access to the same objective data that reveals the true potential within your workforce. That means it becomes easier to share talent across business units and geographies. You’ll finally be able to holistically manage talent across your organization and create clearer career paths for every employee. 

Take a more human approach

In today’s world, business needs are constantly changing and that means roles are changing with them. When it comes time to re-structure your workforce or redeploy talent to new opportunities, Plum helps you take a more human approach to ensuring your talent aligns with the changing needs of your business. 

Did you know?

Organizations that promote talent internally are 32% more likely to be satisfied with the quality of their hires.​

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The G2 Summer Awards recognize Plum's excellence in Diversity Recruiting, Pre-Employment Testing, and Succession Planning

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