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Do better workforce planning by aligning talent to business needs at speed and scale.

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With a single psychometric assessment, Plum helps you understand both people and job needs, so you can close skill gaps and ensure your organization is future-proof.

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A Better Way To Do Workforce Planning

Learn how Plum's talent assessment can help you can align talent to business needs and close skill gaps.

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Clearly articulate job needs

Say goodbye to time-consuming interviews, dated competency models, and expensive consulting services to inform your workforce planning. Using Plum’s automated behavioral job analysis, you can capture job needs at scale.

Close skill gaps

By gaining a view of both job needs and the human potential within your workforce, you can quickly and easily spot gaps and act on opportunities to address critical skill gaps or shortages.

Adapt to changing requirements at record speed

To remain competitive, your workforce planning process must be frequent and agile. Plum allows you to dynamically understand the job needs of your organization and the people within it, so that you can more quickly and easily adapt to meet business objectives. You’ll avoid talent shortfalls without missing a beat. 

Put employees first

Plum allows you to take a truly human-centric approach to how you manage your workforce by revealing human potential. When you understand what people are capable of achieving, while clearly articulating and anticipating job needs, you set your organization up for future success by putting people first.

Did you know?

73% of leaders have experienced talent shortfalls leading to missed business objectives as a result of poor workforce planning. ​

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The G2 Summer Awards recognize Plum's excellence in Diversity Recruiting, Pre-Employment Testing, and Succession Planning

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